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Arcada Bachelor in International Business

Bachelor in International Business

Helsinki, Soome

3 Years

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Aug 2024

EUR 9500 / per year *


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In the bachelor’s degree programme International Business at Arcada you will learn how to develop sustainable solutions for economic growth. Thanks to IT being an integrated part of your studies, you will gain unique skills in digital tools and systems, which give you a competitive edge on the job market. As you will spend several months on work placements at companies in Finland or abroad, you will apply your knowledge in practice. In addition to practical business knowledge, the programme offers you several different tracks for specialising. Studies take 3,5 years and comprise 210 ECTS.

At the end of your first year you will apply to one of our four specialisation modules, which will make you a top-level professional in one of the following fields: Marketing, Logistics, Tourism and Experience Management, or Financial Management. In addition, you will develop competencies related to either organisational development, data analysis or service development.


Personal guidance and state-of-the-art teaching

At Arcada we believe in student-centred and dialogue-driven learning, i.e. that learning happens when you get to be active, ask questions, and discuss with your peers. At the same time, our teachers offer you support and feedback, ensuring that you are not left alone with your studies. We take pride in the personal guidance teachers give their students, and this is also something our students and alumni continue to highlight as one of the top advantages of studying at Arcada.

Teachers with a diverse and international background, as well as visiting lecturers from partner universities and business schools abroad, ensure that the teaching is state-of-the-art and that the knowledge you gain is up to date. Your studies consist of lectures, workshops, practical case studies, and you conduct them both individually and as a group. Most of your studies take place on campus, but some are arranged online.


A truly international experience

As Arcada is the most international Finnish UAS in relation to its size, here you are guaranteed to meet and collaborate with new people of diverse backgrounds. The group of International Business students consists of international and Finnish students, which contributes to a wealth of perspectives. What is more, our students in International Business (in English) and Business Administration (Företagsekonomi in Swedish) co-operate actively during their studies. In this programme you will learn how to network from day one and strengthen your skills to function in multicultural groups, which are key competences in an international business environment.


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